1. Book a demo or onboarding call

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2. Start a subscription

The pricing for each plan is based on the number of apiaries you intend to manage using the software.

You will not be charged until the end of the 30-day trial period.
All prices are in NZD


 Basic Plan 

$89 per Year

  • 5 apiaries maximum
  • Unlimited hives
  • No charge for the first 30 days
  • Online/Offline inspection logging
  • Web app for management and analytics
  • Integration of sensor data

Advanced Plan 

$980 per Year

  • All Basic features +
  • Up to 50 apiaries
  • Up to 5 Beekeeper accounts
  • Bulk inspection logging
  • Inventory management
  • Phone support

business Plan 

$2,980 per Year

  • All Basic and Advanced features +
  • Unlimited apiaries
  • Unlimited beekeeper accounts
  • Unlimited land owner logins
  • Ongoing training
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Workflow management

3. Log your first inspection

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4. ApiWeb Import and 30 Day Trial

Click HERE to compose an email requesting an export from ApiWeb

Send the file to julian@buzztech.nz on receipt

5. Happy Customer

When you are happy, you will be charged 12 months upfront refundable in part for early termination.