What is BeesVita Plus? (BVP)

It’s 100% natural balanced nutrition for bees. Its a patty you feed your bees. It stimulates the worker bees with vitamins, minerals, and sugars but more importantly, it provides the nurse bees just the right amino acids to produce worker jelly faster speeding up brood production and improving colony health on most measures.

(Above) – Nutrient deficiency brood that needs more than a sugar feeding  

When bees are nutrient deficient it’s mostly down to extended bad weather or natural dearths in pollen supply. 

With less worker jelly, larvae grow to be shorter lived workers with less resilience to parasites and diseases.

When nutrition stores are low in the hive already and a couple of rainy days hit, the nurse bees will consume larvae and minimise field bee rations to recoup protein, weakening the colony for months!


(Above) – Randy Oliver agrees that better nutrition means better outcomes

By watching the nutrition band on your brood frames and supplemental feeding with the right diet when jelly is low or the weather is bad, a beekeeper can have an substantially better season.

Healthier bees live longer, produce more brood, worker bees forage harder, are friendlier, collect more nectar, handle cold better, handle days of bad weather better, resist the infections that come with varoa better, … the list goes on. 

What’s so good about it? 

Simply adding BeesVita Plus to a malnourished hive can turn around the colony in a matter of days. It’s well known that a hive with poor nutrition will cost you more to run in a weak state than it will to fix it.

Dietary Supplement for Honey Bees formulated to complement the nutrition that bees obtain from their natural environment in every phase of their lives. 

It is a product composed mainly of dextrose (glucose), resembling the chemical composition of nectar which is the main source of carbohydrates for bees and starting point for honey preparation. 

Using BeesVita Plus possible and easy for a beekeeper to make sure a hive stays at its nutritional peak for longer in the buildup and later in the autumn just using BessVita Plus and paying attention to the jelly under their larvae.

Because it contains 100% of the nutrient requirement of a bee colony – including the 10 critical amino acids that go into jelly production – and it’s fed as a bee bread consistancy, it is taken up by the bees faster than any other supplement on the market.

In the commercial breeding yard keeping the cell builders strong with lots of young bees can take a lot of work if you have a high taget for cell production and you want to deliver only the best queens to your customers.

“We were using seperate protein patties and sugar feeding on a strict weekly schedule which was a real pain. I used to have to leave my family at night to come and feed the hives to avoid feeding frenzies.

After changing to BeesVita Plus the hives are stronger, the cells are juicier, and I am happier. Whats not to love.” 

Lindenberg Gomes

Breeder at KiwiBee Medical Waikato 

(Comvita Supplier)

How you test it using ApiBuzz

Each beekeeper manages there hives their own way for different reasons and the season is forever changing; SO the way you use BVP is ultimately up to you.

To make sure the product gets a fair test and we can ensure it performs as expected; we ask that you record each inspection using the ApiBuzz Android app using near field communication tags on each hive while your bees consume the free sample.

Every time you enter an inspection we combine it (in aggregate and anonymously) with all the other tests being done to determine how the product performs over time.

It’s important that during the test, you are paying attention to the nutritional state of each colony and making note of it in the app.

We have designed the process to be as painless as possible so that when you walk into the apiary inspect the first hive, you can just: Pull out your app > scan the tag > enter the brood > pollen > and frames of bees. You can then place the app back in your pocket and inspect the next hive.

The sample pack suggest you use 8 hives to test as follows:
  • 4 control hives getting your standard feed (or none) vs
  • 4 BVP hives getting no other supplements than BVP *
    In 1 apiary getting 100g of BeesVita Plus patty per frame of brood every 3 to 10 days.

* and maybe some sugar for comb building or packing down depending on the timing and season

ApiBuzz gives you the freedom to run small or large scale trials of this nature and can be set up to run any number of methods or treatments within the same tool.


 Limited to 1 per beekeeper, some postage fees may apply to run a small test and learn for yourself if BeesVita Plus will work for you.

  • Participants must be managing hives commercially and be willing to collect a small amount of data throughout the trial
  • Results produced and all data collected during the trial will only be used for further product development.
  • Aggregated product performance reports will be distributed to key stakeholders and those who participate in the trial only.

What does it look like? 

Let’s log an inspection and see what BeesVita Plus looks like in a hive compared to another standard protein patty in a hive

Using the NFC tags 1 per hive makes it crazy easy to keep accurate records for the data collection phase.

It means you can walk up to the hive, do what you need inspecting/feeding it then just open the app, select to inspect a hive, wave your phone over the hive tag, update any changes, and proceed to the next hive. It literally takes 30 seconds per hive to keep perfect hive records at any scale.

Once you have registered on the next page you will be contacted by one of our team to verify your eligibility and confirm the delivery method.

“We purchased BeesVita Plus™ in January 2018. Since then, I have NOT been disappointed.”

“It works better than other products that I’ve tried over the years. I’ve been beekeeping for over 10 years and this year’s crop of bees are the healthiest ever. My mite count has been low to none after each check. My bees show no sign of any disease and my brood count has been heavy.

My hives are super strong, and this year’s honey production was off the charts! We pulled an average of 120lbs of honey per hive this spring – twice as much as we have ever pulled. I believe the reason is that my bees are healthier. This product works.”

Philip Perkins

Beagles & Bees

Location: Rockingham, NC
Hive Size: Small to Medium

Where can I get it?

You can begin as soon as you have added the tags to the hive, created your first hive inspections into the ApiBuzz App and fed out your first batch of BVP.