Hive Tracking and Security

Beehive theft comes in all shapes and sizes, using GPS tracking, inventory monitoring and video surveillance we deploy state of the art security for a nominal Monthly fee.

Choose one or more of our security plans to protect ‘at risk’ sites from hive theft and vandalism.

GPS Tracker Lid

$20 per tracker month

Install a Hive Tracker lid on a hive and rest assured, if it moves you will know about it and you will be able to track its location every 10 mins anywhere in the country.

Bluetooth ID Tags

$0.3 per tag per month

Our tags automatically connect to any mobile device with bluetooth enabled and the buzztech app installed.

Every time they connect, they send their location with the time stamp which automatically updates the inventory in the system.

By installing readers in the main office/factory; the movements of honey supers from production sites to procesing are recorded and made available for RMP reporting.

Video Servailance

$50 per site per month

Our video servailance service includes the instilation and monitoring of the latest in high def night vision security cameras with 24/7 monitoring.

Tell us when your “normal” movements should occur and we will alert you to any unexpected activity outside of that.

We install solar powered sattelite cameras able to record continuous high definition night vision video and send it back to our control center for monitoring.

Use the form below to request a call to talk through out apiary security options.

 GPS Tracker Bluetooth ID Tags Video Servailance