Are You Frustrated With Out Of Sync Contacts, Emails, Files, and Beekeeping Records?

Streamline your beekeeping business and stop worrying, I provide cloud migration services to beekeepers wanting to excel.
With 10+ years IT infrastructure management and 6+ years experience running a complex, growing, beekeeping business; I offer clients a suite of cloud services fully installed and configured.


Beekeeper specific IT services at fixed hourly rates!

Are You A Head Beekeeper Or Business Owner That Manages Bee Colonies For Profit?

  • Do you have solid beekeepers in place but struggle to stay on top of what they are doing, where, and when?
  • Have you used spreadsheets and apps to improve operational efficiency?
  • Are you spending money, energy, and resources chasing information and training staff to get little or no return?

If so, BuzzTech can help!

The biggest thing you can do to improve your season!

We provide beekeeping companies with an end to end service to move critical IT and bee management systems into the cloud.

Never underestimate the peace of mind you can get knowing all your systems are backed up and future proof.

Peace of mind and reliable infrastructure are critical for any operation wanting to excel.


File Management

Do you struggle to collaborate on or synchronise files with your team?
We offer commercial cloud-based file management systems that will work with your existing hardware.

We install the system, migrate your data, and set ut up on all your devices to make sure you can find your way around.

You will have access to your files from any internet-connected mobile device and a reliable backup and recovery that’s priced per user to scale as you grow.

Emails, Contacts, and Calendars

Do you have trouble keeping contacts or emails syncronised with your team or other devices?
We provide enterprise-grade email, contact, and calendar management systems that will give you the freedom to grow without the need to worry about your IT infrastructure.

Syncronising calendars, contacts, and emails across devices and sharing mailboxes with your team are easy with the right system in place.

Beehive Management

Do you record apiary inspections in Excel or in a diary?
Moving your beekeeping records into the BuzzTech software provides streamlined contact, apiary, and inventory management and can make a significant impact on productivity.

Being able to see real-time management records and live dashboards you can easily see what state your operation is in and what you need to be doing next.

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