Formic Acid Dilution Calculator for Beekeepers – 85% to 50% Formic acid dilution calculator

volume of water to add to your base acid to get a new dilution

This calculator is provided for public use by BuzzTech to help remove some of the confusion around formic acid dilution calculations. Should you find the resulting measurements are not what you expected, please email to verify your / our calculation method.

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Learn more about treating with Formic Acid by reading the research HERE
For this method, formic acid is used at 50% strength.

Usually, when you buy formic acid, it’s at 85%. So to dilute 85% to 50%, you add 7 parts water to 10 parts of acid. Or in other words, to 1 litre of acid, you add 700 ml’s of water, making a total of 1.7 litres.

If your acid is 65%, you add 3 parts water to 10 parts of acid, to reduce it to 50%

Where to get formic acid? It’s hard to find because it is a dangerous chemical and has to be sold with the necessary label documentation. A supplier cannot just pour you off a litre into an unlabelled bottle. These guys, sell it in 25-litre containers.
If you want a smaller quantity you may need to go through your local bee club, or contact Clarke Products and ask who their nearest distributor is to you.

Which brings up issues of safety. Formic acid is dangerous if you get it on your skin, or if you breathe it. Safety equipment should be worn when using it and water should be readily available to quickly rinse it off if you do spill some on yourself. Don’t mix it or whatever indoors, the fumes build up quickly, only work with it in a well-ventilated area.

When to use. This method can be used spring or autumn, the same as other mite treatments.
However, because it leaves no permanent residue in the hive, plus is cheap, it can be used any other time if there is a need. Just, it will not be very effective in winter.
Outside temperature needs to be somewhere around 20 degC (68F), to ensure the acid vaporizes and penetrates through the hive.

How to do it
The lids are taken off the hives and a fumigator laid next to each hive. This means the dangerous part, the handling of the acid, can be done in just one step. Gloves are put on, and you walk around the yard and sprinkle a measured quantity of acid onto each fumigator. 100 ml’s for a two box hive, 85 ml’s for a one box hive.

Before taking the gloves off walk around and put the fumigators on the hives.
Chemicals and containers can now be packed away safely, and gloves removed.

Lids are put back on the hives, and an entrance restrictor to stop fumes escaping the hive too quickly.

The fumigators and entrance restrictors should ideally be put on shortly after treatment and removed 24 hours later the following day.


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