Set up your account and log an inspection

  1. Subscribe for a subscription here:
  2. Once subscribed, start the registration form by selecting “Beekeeper Managing Bees” from the first drop-down and select “Commercial” from the second dropdown
  3. Complete the form > tick the Terms and Conditions box > scroll to the bottom and click Accept > Click Submit
  1. You are now registered >Log in here:
  2. Click on the Contacts button on the left-hand menu >Add Contact using a different email address than the one used to register (a land owner)  > complete the form >Save
  3. Click Create Apiary > select yourself as the beekeeper > complete the form > click Save
  4. Click on Hive Allocation from the menu on the left > Add Hive > complete the form > Save
  5. Click Select All > Move to Apiary > select your new apiary > Click Move
  6. Click Apiaries on the menu on the left > Click Details on your new apiary > Click Details on your new Hive
  7. Click Inspection Reports on the horizontal menu >Add New Inspection > complete the form > Save
  8. Congratulations! you have just added your first inspection – once you have completed this step you will need to activate the sensor.
  9. Email your sensor number to and it will be assigned to your new account for you to allocate to a hive.




Installing the Heartbeat Sensor

The sensor works over Wi-Fi and with an antenna inside the hive; the range is somewhat restricted.

Ideally, the hive being monitored will be within 10 meters of the Wi-Fi access point.

  • Remove packaging
  • Open battery enclosure
  • Remove cardboard from battery terminals
  • Check that batteries are installed firmly
  • Close battery enclosure
  • Open beehive
  • Place sensor above the bottom most brood box

Set up the Access Point

  • Connect to your WiFi Router
  • Rename existing or set up a secondary SSID named BeezThingz
  • Use WPA/PSK authentication with the password 155Wallace
  • Connect to the new Wifi with your phone and make sure you can access
  • Once you have completed this step, the sensor should be collecting data over the internet.





If at any point you get stuck or have any questions, please feel free to call me directly on the number below for support.


Julian McCurdy