Pure apiary management software that works at scale

We make beekeeping business less risky and more enjoyable by specialising in inspection, beekeeper, landowner, and apiary management systems that work at scale

For any size commercial beekeeping businesses wanting to record beehive or apiary visits, to track the performance and movements of stock over time, to see what needs doing, where & when from any device, to accurately determine the location and inventory of every hive, or simply to learn more about their bees.

Beekeeping business owners see traceability and accountability to staff in charge of bee stock management. Our web interface can be used to monitor the factors that affect the success of your beekeeping so you can make smarter management decisions.

Offline work lists, inspection forms, interactive maps, and live dashboards are only the start

Download or software information Booklet as a PDF here


These short videos show how to set up new apiaries, add/move hives in bulk and create alerts on hives:

Software Pricing Plans

Our software plans (Mini, Basic, Advanced, and Commercial) are priced on the number of apiaries you intend to manage and are charged annually up front.
All Plans include Unlimited hives, online/offline inspection logging, a web app for management and dashboards,  and optional integration of sensor data.

NOTE: We do not offer a 30-day free trial and require annual payment up front but are happy to provide a full refund within 30 days of the initial purchase and pro-rata refund for early subscription terminations. All prices are in NZD

 Mini Plan 

$9.8 per Year

To manage 2 apiaries

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 Basic Plan 

$79 per Year

Up to 5 apiaries

[stripe name=”Basic Plan” description=”Subscribe for $79 per Year”][stripe_subscription id=”Basic”]

Advanced Plan 

$980 per Year

Up to 50 apiaries

[stripe name=”Advanced Plan” description=”Subscribe for $980 per Year”][stripe_subscription id=”Advanced”]

Business Plan 

$2980 per Year

Unlimited apiaries

[stripe name=”Commercial Plan” description=”Subscribe for $2980 per Year”][stripe_subscription id=”Commercial”]

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Software/App Features


  • Map or list view of priority work
  • Assign Apiaries to individual or teams of beekeepers
  • Simplify landowner contact management
  • Run advanced analytics on stock management
  • Track stock growth from splits
  • Combine sensor/inspection data to rank sites and regions
  • Manage more hives with less resources


  • Online/offline inspection logging
  • Map or list view of priority work
  • Bulk inspection logging
  • Register apiary hazards
  • Receive alerts and notifications when hives require action
  • Access landowner contact information and notes
  • Record and track beehive movements
  • Colony split tracking with family tree
  • View live sensor data to assess inspection priority
  • Create Run Groups and assign them to beekeepers

Customer Relationship Management

  • Online/offline contact information
  • Inspection reporting
  • Website login to view apiaries
  • Contract management
  • Assign apiaries to run groups
  • Bulk landowner communication
  • Inspection scheduling
  • Landowner alert system