We are improving the craft of apiculture through better use of data and our friends at Natural New Zealand Honey are a prime example of how it can work well at scale.

Our unique 3 Layer approach will allow you to:

  • Replace stickers, diaries, inspection forms and whiteboards with a mobile app for beekeepers to record bulk inspections on or off-line
  • Control seasonal losses by identifying weak sites, colonies and beekeepers before it’s too late
  • Manage the day better with access to live apiary information on the road
  • Get consistent, stable colony health with BeesVita Plus.

Apiary and Hive Management

Layer 1:

Every beekeeper gets a login and an app on their device. Apiary and/or beehive inspections are entered into the app in bulk as they go.

The management interface lets you track the location, strength, and status of every beehive and provides an interface for day to day operations.

Because the system captures intimate details like landowner and apiary locations, we use the latest cloud-based systems to keep your data secure, private and available.

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Colony Heartbeat Monitoring

Layer 2:

Seasonal colony losses cost in production and in growth.

Hive Heartbeat Sensors are used to remotely monitor the size and condition of any number of colonies in an apiary over the Cellular network.

By accurately measuring size (number of brood frames), condition (health and vibrancy) and growth trends of colonies over winter and spring, it is possible to reduce seasonal losses below 3% and boost production dramatically.

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Colony Nutrition

Layer 3:

Beekeepers producing queen cells with starter and finisher hives or taking splits, building up for honey flow, dealing with pollination fallout or any other commercial beekeeping practice that requires strong healthy hives knows it comes down to nutrition and genetics.

In terms of nutrition, this is as good as it gets. All natural bee feed supplement that provides all the nutrients needed for the colony to thrive.

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We provide Beehive Management SoftwareBeehive Health Sensors, and Colony Nutrition solutions to beekeepers.

We have a strong focus on improving bee welfare at the same time as beekeeper productivity and our systems have been developed by beekeepers for the betterment of the industry.


BuzzTech is the product of a concept developed in the family beekeeping business (BeezThingz) where the focus was on teaching and practising holistic beekeeping methods through an urban beekeeping initiative. As a spin-off from BeezThingz – The BuzzTech mission is to support beekeepers in achieving maximum bee welfare and operational excellence through the application of technology.
The decision to shift focus from connecting beekeepers with paying landowners, to improving the tech in the industry, was made during the final stages of the Seed stage investment process following the Sprout AgriTech Accelerator program that we completed in May 2016.


BuzzTech was now to focus on Bee Management Software, Hive Heartbeat Sensors, Beehive Tracking, and developing new business relationships. BeezThingz with a new manager was now to focus on being a matchmaking service for beekeepers and landowners and building the bee community.


We are a community of beekeepers in the industry we love, we have lost colonies through poor management and we have learned. Our systems are built by beekeepers for the betterment of the Apiculture industry.



Our sensors and software are built to be bee friendly and strong enough to be used in the field by beekeepers season after season.



We get to know our beekeepers and we get to understand the problems they are trying to fix. We charge a monthly subscription so we can work with our customers directly to achieve the results they want. We provide training and review sessions as part of every paid subscription.